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Support and Service

Your advantages at the specialist retailer

We as specialist dealers are always anxious not to neglect not only the actual product but also the surrounding area. We are happy to advise you, your requirements are our challenge. We want our customers to be satisfied in all respects.

Before purchase

Support Hilfe

We support you in selecting the right products and solutions. Due to our suppliers with different focal points we are able to put together the best mix for your requirements. So you can be sure that all components work together smoothly and function reliably as a unit.

Through our LiveCall system we are live on your screen in a few moments - without installation, directly on our website!

Support Hilfe
Test devices, samples

You are still not quite sure which product is best for you? A solution from the catalog is quite logical, but in practice this can change quickly. That's why it is important that you can test our products on your application in advance if necessary.

This way you can be sure that the solution will work reliably in the field!

Contact us for the further procedure.

Support Spezifische Anpassungen
Programming service

Many modern devices are programmable nowadays. You need an appropriate cable or adapter, the latest software must be downloaded. The IT department has to give the blessing for the installation of the parameterization software on the own laptop...

You only wanted to make a small adjustment?

That's where we come in. Give us the desired parameters when you order, we will do the rest for you. Free of charge!

For single orders or series orders!

After the purchase

Support Hilfe
New Technologies

Our employees receive continuous further training. Through direct contact with our manufacturers, attended trainings and courses, our technicians are always up to date and can incorporate solutions from the latest developments into your requirements!

We keep you discreetly up to date on innovations and technological advances.

Support Hilfe

You need support or help? We are happy to help you, not through 7 support levels or a hotline, but straightforward and, whenever possible, immediately.

Use the telephone, the chat, the LiveCall system or write us an email.

We still know you even after you have received goods :-)

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Support Spezifische Anpassungen

Warranty, Repairs

All our sold products are 100% newly produced and come directly from the manufacturer. Therefore they meet the highest quality standards.

Should a problem nevertheless occur within the warranty period, we will react quickly and easily to remedy the failure.

If possible, we try to repair defective devices or revise older series together with the manufacturer.

Wir als Projektpartner

Support Hilfe
We as project partner

Due to the enormous variety of different products, it is hardly possible to have everything in stock. But you need the parts you need for your production or plant in a timely manner in order to remain flexible and agile yourself.
Here we offer you the solution of a call-off warehouse. For example, you order a half-yearly requirement, which is completely placed in stock and reserved for you.

In this way you can request your goods quickly and flexibly without having to manage a warehouse yourself.

Support Preisstabilität
Price stability

Price reliability is important. You rely on stable purchase prices, which is important for your further processes.

We offer you price stability

We have no ramp sales, summer specials, heat discounts, decoy offers or other special deals. You will receive a stable price from us, which usually changes only at the turn of the year. The possibility of payment in Euro also eliminates possible currency fluctuations.

Support Hilfe
Packaging Solutions

Digitalization does not stop at the classic work preparation. The demands on incoming deliveries are constantly increasing.

We are happy to pack and label the deliveries according to your specifications in order to make the process of incoming goods as efficient as possible for you. 


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